Ignaz Kögler Senior Fellow - FAQ

Requirements for an application

Can I apply without completing a doctorate?

Yes, provided you have a strong academic curriculum vitae.

Are German and/or English language skills required for an application?

Very good knowledge of German and / or English is required.

Is a language certificate in German or English necessary?

No, a language certificate is not necessary. The host is responsible for checking the language skills.

Is double funding possible?

Double funding is not possible.

Academic host

Who can be my scientific host?

Every scientist/professor who works at a university or research facility in Ingolstadt and confirms available research facilities for your planned research stay.

How do I find a scientific host?

The choice is free and must be made independently by the applicant. The Science Foundation of Excellence does not provide any direct support in finding a host.

Can I conduct my research stay with two academic hosts?

If they work as a scientist at a university or research facility in Ingolstadt, yes.

Will my host receive any additional funds for costs during the research stay at the host institute?

No, additional research costs will be borne by the host.


What are the deadlines for submitting applications?

Applications can be submitted until October 15, 2022.

Can I do part of my research outside of my host institute?

Necessary work can also be carried out outside of the Ingolstadt’s host institute. However, the research project should mainly be carried out at the host institute.

Can I apply for a research grant for less than six months?

Funding of shorter projects is not planned.

Can I apply for a research grant for more than 12 months?

Funding of longer projects is not planned.

Can I interrupt or split my research stay?

No, a planned interruption is not intended.

When do I have to start the scholarship at the latest?

The scholarship must have started no later than nine months after approval.

What is the value of the fellowship?

€ 3,000 per month plus a one-time travel allowance of € 2,000.

Will the scholarship be paid retrospectively if I am already at the host institute during the selection decision?

No, the scholarship will not be paid retrospectively.

Who covers the cost of arrival and departure?

The costs for the arrival and departure are considered to be covered with the travel allowance

Can I bring my family with me?

The senior fellow is free to do so. However, no additional financial support can be granted for this.

How soon can I start the scholarship at the earliest?

After being announced as Ignaz Koegler senior fellow.

Do submitted publications count on my list of publication?

No, only accepted publications count on your list of publication.

Selection process

Will you confirm receipt of my application?

Your host will submit your application. Therefore, your host will receive confirmation that your application has been successfully received.

How much time do I have to submit additional documents or update the submitted documents?

Subsequent submission is not planned.

Will I be informed of the decision date of my application?

A precise decision date cannot be given. However, the decision will be made by the Wissenschaftsrat (Science Council). The decision will usually be published within two weeks. The next Science Council's meeting will take place on the 18th of November, 2021.

Who reviews my application?

After a preliminary assessment by the Science Foundation of Excellence, the Senior Fellow will be selected by the Wissenschaftsrat (Science Council).

Who decides on my application?

The decision will be made by the Wissenschaftsrat (Science Council).

In case of a rejection, will I be informed of the reasons for the rejection?

A detailed justification is not provided.

Can I apply again after a rejection?

Yes, a new application is generally possible. However, there must be significant changes from the first application.